Noted scholars, retired bureaucrats and subject experts, among others, have come together to established SDFU in state with following objectives, it will help in collaborative initiative of large number of constituents - from grassroots to policy making by united organizations and people from the political system, government, academics, civil society, media etc working towards the common vision and mission.



The Aims, Objects and Purposes of the SDF-UK shall be:

  1. An inclusion and collaborative initiative of large number of constituents – from micro (grassroots) to macro (policy making) – who are united by the common vision and mission.
  2. A body which will integrate – organizations and people – from the political system, government, academics, civil society, media etc. – as well as issues and concerns such as water, climate change, livelihoods, energy, Himalayan ecosystem, and any other issues of importance to the mountain regions, etc.
  3. Working towards highlighting value for the mountain region, to the nation and its people, in the form of rich and abundant resources.
  4. Working towards enhancing the value for the mountains people by enabling grassroots organizations and impacting policy changes from the perspective of the mountain people.
  5. Drawing expertise from research and field experiences and channelize it towards actively shaping the discourse and narratives involving mountain regions.
  6. A platform for networking, sharing and bringing issues of mountains at a national level, for benefit of all stakeholders.
  7. Working to impact the lives of people in mountain regions.
  8. The enabler of the doer organizations with tools such as research and advocacy, summits like SMDS etc. SDF-UK will work towards generating ideas which institutions and NGOs can take forward.
  9. Integrator of tangible entities such as organizations, stakeholders and intangibles such as knowledge, experiences, ideas and perspectives at all the levels from top to bottom.
  10. Developing a spirit of unity or espirit-de-corps amongst members, and other organizations with a similar focus.
  11. Providing a forum for free discussion and expression of responsible opinion on matters of interest to members, and to provide opportunities and facilities for association amongst themselves, through regular and need based summits, meetings and by any other means.
  12. To coordinate its efforts and to co- operate with Government, both Central and State, and other organizations to further the general cause and objectives as outlined in this memorandum.
  13. Forming or joining federations, and forming new branches and units at various levels and locations in accordance with the Bye-Laws of the council.
  14. Employing staff, to acquire, hold, possess and dispose of properties both moveable and immoveable, to take loans, and to receive grants, bequests and donations, in order to further its objectives.
  15. Undertaking such other activities as are conducive to the fulfilment of any or all the Aims, Objects and Purposes of the Association.

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